CodeBreak - Hidden Morse Code



About CodeBreak: CodeBreak hides your secret message into a sentence that can be read using morse code as the key. After encoding your message, simply cover the upper or lower parts of the characters to reveal the hidden message.

Encoding Instructions: CodeBreak will only encode alpha-numerical and the following characters: space, period, comma, colon, question mark, apostrophe, hyphen. All other characters will be ignored. Upper and Lower choose if you want to hide the code on the top or bottom of each letter. The database option lets you match the results against a database of words to try and make the encoded message readable.

Decoding Instructions: Change the method to 'Decode' and choose the options that the message was originally encoded in. Enter the code into the 'Input' box and click on 'Process'. The decoded message will appear in the 'Output' box.

Copyright © 2001 Phillip Hullquist